“Ana D’Leon is one of crystal clear comparisons. With palpable tracks like “Secret”, “Whether Or Not You’re Mine” and “Creator’s Mind”, her music speaks to our world as we manifest into a new civilization and culture. There is no doubt, her soulful delivery is confirmation of the subtle changes we have been experiencing. Her music is raw with the grit of life. She releases it to us, not with ego, but with a heart-wrenching joy.”

-Tiffany Boyd, Sound Gravitas Productions

Soul expression.
Emotional exchange.
Connection, rhythm and harmony.

These represent but a few of the
characteristics of Ana D’Leon’s music.

Ana D’Leon is a self-taught musician from St. Johnsbury, Vermont who started playing guitar when she was 13 years old. Ana strives to keep her sound fresh and evolving. She draws inspiration from life experiences, her imagination, and a myriad of different music genres to create her unique sound. All of her music is original and unique. Connection with the audience is a critical component and consideration during Ana’s songwriting process. She lives to create and to connect with others through her creations.

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